AQC Patient Diversity Work Group Members Reviewing Key Site Attributes to Include in Site Assessment Scoring Tool

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AQC Patient Diversity Metric Development Work Group members met on 9 June 2022 to discuss the challenges organizations encounter developing patient diversity plans, identifying sites able to recruit under-represented patient populations (URPP) and tracking recruitment success. They reviewed how current AQC tools and the new proposed site assessment tool will help organizations address some of the patient diversity challenges raised. During the discussion, meeting participants shared information about current approaches to identifying sites able to recruit/retain URPPs, including understanding site attributes important to target URPPs as well as assessing the ability of experienced and novo/research naïve sites to meet URPP recruitment/retention needs. Consortium members can view the polling results by downloading the meeting slides or viewing the archive recording of the meeting available in the Patient Diversity Metric Development work group meeting archive library in the AQC Knowledge Center.

A sub-set of work group members have volunteered to participate in a detailed review of the proposed site selection scoring tool. The review will include an examination of the site attributes, attribute scoring, and proposed use for assessing experienced research sites as well as de novo/research-naïve sites.

AQC Members can log into the AQC Knowledge Center and visit the meeting calendar to register. Contact us for information on establishing an AQC user account.