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Consulting & Research Services

Research Services

With over 20 years of experience, Avoca has a proven track record of delivering high-quality, actionable quantitative and qualitative data collected through telephone interviews and online surveys. The Avoca consulting team analyzes the findings and helps “connect the dots” to provide meaningful insights for your business.

Service Providers

Getting the

Project Performance



Avoca enables clinical service providers to see themselves through the eyes of their
clients and prospects.

For CROs and other clinical service providers who want to understand the market, their place within it, and how they can improve their business to drive bottom-line growth, Avoca is a trusted advisor with a track record of gathering high-quality data and mining it for meaningful and actionable insights. We conduct in-depth interviews and use web-based surveys to collect qualitative and quantitative data from both clinical service providers and sponsors.

Award Decision

Using sponsor feedback about their perceptions, issues, and needs, learn specifically where in the business development, bid defense, or contract processes you either exceeded or fell behind competitors. Gain targeted and actionable insights into how to improve your business development process, address perceptions of your company’s challenge areas, and increase your chances of success in the future.

Key Accounts

Measure client perceptions, identify strengths, pinpoint ways to improve, and assess the strength of the relationship with your key clients. This allows you to focus your actions to better meet your clients’ needs and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Market Perception 

Answer specific questions about your business and the broader market to strengthen your go-to-market strategy, assess a business decision, assess opportunities for a new service offering, or gather targeted information from key decision makers.

Project-specific Performance

Leverage real-time insights about clients’ expectations and needs to continually improve operations and performance, respond to customer concerns, address issues before they escalate, and demonstrate your commitment to exceeding the expectations of clients.

Partnership Assessments

Perform health checkups for your bidirectional relationships with sponsors. Identify the relationship’s strengths and weaknesses for proactive, collaborative improvements.

Investigative Site Relationships

Improve working relationships and foster more effective collaborations with sites by understanding how sites perceive the support they receive and the current relationship.

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