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Gain an unbiased perspective, and have access to tools, templates, and leading practices needed to conduct clinical trials, while ensuring proactive quality management and inspection readiness.


Through participation in the WCG Avoca Quality Consortium (AQC), 200+ Member pharma, biotech, site, niche clinical service providers, and CRO organizations collaborate in a progressive, pre-competitive environment with the shared objective of elevating quality and bringing key stakeholders in the clinical trials process into greater alignment.

Members stay current on the latest challenges in the industry and have access to over 700 leading practices, tools, templates, dashboards, and process documents to assist with quality, risk management, and inspection readiness in clinical trial execution.

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AQC Member Companies

The Avoca Quality Consortium consists of over 200 Member companies, with more than 9,000 Member representatives.

Benefits of Membership

  • Drive efficiency: Don’t reinvent the wheel – save resources with access to over 700 regulatory compliant leading practice tools and templates in our Knowledge Center that you can use within your organization to be inspection ready. View the current catalog of tools.
  • Save time: Quickly implement leading practices developed by WCG Avoca SMEs and peer reviewed by Members.
  • Stay in compliance: Ensure confidence in the execution of your clinical trials with the utilization of leading practices that are kept current with the changing global regulatory environment.
  • Stay current: Check and validate that your own practices are in line with any new regulations, meeting industry and AQC leading standards.
  • Gain knowledge: Collaborate with industry leading experts and peers in clinical development on best practices to work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Close learning gaps in important areas that are aligned with quality and risk management in clinical trial execution through an online community, educational webinars, executive forums, Member-only meetings, and working sessions.
  • Increase visibility among industry leaders, competitors, and potential partners.
  • Showcase your commitment and approach to driving quality in your organization: Gain confidence among your internal teams and external partners (investors, alliance partners) that the company is elevating quality and mitigating risk in service to patients.

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The AQC Knowledge Center

Access 700+ leading practice tools and templates that can be customized for your organization to ensure the processes yield the appropriate documentation necessary for inspection readiness. Each item is developed based on a rigorous research and review process by Avoca Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Below is a partial list of the types of documents contained in the Knowledge Center:

  • AQC Industry Standards and Tools for Qualification of Clinical Service Providers
  • AQC Member Case Studies
  • AQC Research Reports and Data
  • Archive of Recorded Webinars
  • ICH E6 (R2) Compliance Landscape Map with Links to Risk Management Tools
  • Inspection Readiness Knowledgebase from Perspective of Agencies and from Member Company Inspection Experiences
  • Oversight Capability Maturity Model® (OCMM®)
  • Patient Engagement Tools and Playbook
  • Protocol Development Leading Practices and Quality Check List
  • QbD Principles and Tools
  • Quality Agreement Template
  • Quality Metrics and Taxonomy
  • Quality Oversight Leading Practices for Governance, Technical Oversight, Process Oversight, Communication and Issue Management, Oversight Leadership, Roles and Responsibilities, Metrics and Analytics, and Proactive Risk and Opportunity Management

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Member companies receive unlimited user access to the Knowledge Center. To request a demo, complete the form below.

Member Testimonials


“I am engaged in the QMF workstream and members of my team are involved with the Metrics and Inspection Readiness workstreams. This has afforded me the opportunity to deepen my collaboration with colleagues and to network with others on the key issues facing them in the industry today.”

“The interactions I have had on AQC initiatives has challenged my thinking, inspired me to try different approaches to quality and enabled me to influence the direction of best practices in the selection and oversight of service providers.”

“I have been part of the centralized RFI efforts. I have learned a great deal from fellow Member companies and we are able to apply the standards as we are starting the process of looking for an IRT vendor.”

“The Consortium strives to deliver the highest level of quality. This is my 5th year and I keep coming back because there is fabulous material and wonderful people.”

“The AQC is a forum where sponsors, CROs, technology providers, and other companies get a chance to participate on a level where everybody is treated as an equal, everybody is listened to, and we all learn collectively. There are not a lot of forums that provide that in the industry and I find it particularly useful.”

“The AQC brings great value for the money, but it isn’t about the money. The AQC provides the roadmap to quality.”

“The AQC is a great sounding board for the industry pressures and challenges we face and a great place to network and come together collaboratively.”

“The AQC is a wonderful array of interesting, engaged, passionate, thoughtful people coming from all areas of the Clinical Trials ecosystem.”

Join the AQC

Joining the AQC is easy!

Step 1Inquire about membership benefits for your organization.

Step 2 – Execute a simple membership contract.

Step 3 – Get to know the AQC Knowledge Center, webinars, Member meetings, online community, leadership advisory boards, and more!

When your company Membership is complete, you and your colleagues will have immediate access to the AQC Knowledge Center and online community.

To request information on Membership benefits for your company, call or complete the form below:


Dawn Auerbach

Executive Director, Client Development

WCG Avoca

+1 (609) 759-2877





AQC News & Events

Webinar: AQC Knowledge Center Monthly Demo

July 12, 2022  |  11:00am – 12:00pm EDT
Held the second Tuesday of every month and open to the industry, this webinar offers a live demonstration of the AQC Knowledge Center.

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AQC Leading Change Collaborative Forum

June 21, 2022  |  11:00am – 12:30pm EDT
Monthly forum open exclusively to AQC Members.

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