Brexit – Will it or won’t it change the way drug development is done in Europe?

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Brexit has been the talk of town following Britain’s recent decision to leave the European Union.  Headlines are flying and the conversation is only strengthening around the impact this decision will have on industries of all kinds – including the pharma industry.

Here at Avoca, we are a rather curious bunch and wanted to know a bit more about what topics around Brexit are top of mind for pharma decision makers.  So we analyzed over 8,500 words and created a word cloud using the top ten search results from Google news for ‘Brexit + Pharmaceutical Industry’.


To address some of the challenges surrounding Brexit, drug industry and government officials have set up a task force.  While no one can quite predict how this will turn out, we are weaving the topic of Brexit into our global work.  Questions that we will work through with our AQC Members include:

  • How will guidelines be adjusted for approvals? 
  • How will the world of inspections be handled post Brexit?
  • For companies that have created unified approaches in the drug development space for Europe, will Brexit add an additional layer of regulation and bureaucracy?

We would love to hear about your reactions and thoughts in preparing for this transition.

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Lakshmi Sundar has spent two decades in the pharmaceutical industry, leading teams across sponsors and CROs in multiple functional areas to spark innovation, manage risk, and lead change with a sense of purpose and fun. At Avoca, Lakshmi partners with members of the Avoca Quality Consortium and industry innovators to deepen the dialogue on building a quality culture within and across organizations to mitigate risk, advance drug development, and bring treatments to patients in a more effective manner.