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Performance Metrics

Members and their employees have access to the full, detailed version of the performance metrics, including:

  • purpose statement for each metric
  • full metric definition, including equation and input variables
  • performance targets
  • anticipated benefits of using each metric
  • analyses that each metric can be used to perform
  • companion metrics (other metrics that pair with and balance each one)

Metric Development Framework

Metric development work groups – comprised of staff and representatives from member organizations – work collaboratively to develop robust metric toolkits that can be used to answer important clinical trial performance, risk and quality questions. These work groups utilize a structured approach called the Metric Development Framework to ensure the right metrics – metrics that answer your most important performance questions. The work groups consider the processes holistically to develop a complete set of metrics designed to cover different perspectives. For more information about the Metric Develop Framework, please view the white paper. To learn more about how work groups develop metric toolkits listen to the podcast.

Metric Selection Tools

Determining which metrics in the metric toolkit will meet the unique needs of your organization, program or study requires thoughtful consideration. The metrics described in each metric toolkit align with the critical success factors and key performance questions (KPQs) identified by the metric development work group. Should you implement all the metrics described in the metric toolkit? Probably not! You only need the metrics that help answer the KPQs that are important to your organization, program or study.  We recommends following a four-step process to establish what level of metrics and key performance questions are important to your organization and use them as a guide to identify the right metrics for your organization.  For more information about the four-step process, please view the white paper, Unlock the Value of Metric Sets. To learn how organizations can decide which metrics to implement to optimize clinical trials listen to the podcast.

Members have access to an extensive library of more than 300 consensus-based portfolio, study and site level performance metrics. The following are summaries of these metric sets:

Critical Data – Set-up and Quality Oversight Metric Sets

Portfolio Management Metric Sets

Study Management and Quality Oversight Metric Sets