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AQC Tool Highlight: Risk-Based Monitoring Plan Template

The FDA has established Risk-Based Monitoring guidance* which encourages sponsors to tailor monitoring plans to the needs of the investigation, describes factors to consider in developing a monitoring plan, and provides examples of monitoring methods and techniques. The FDA believes risk-based monitoring is an important tool to allow sponsors to identify and address issues during the conduct of clinical investigations.

In alignment with FDA’s recommendations on Risk-Based Monitoring, WCG Avoca has developed a Risk-Based Monitoring Plan Template which provides:

  • Instruction for Sponsor/CRO oversight activities which focus on critical data and processes with the intention of mitigating those that will impact data quality, human subject protection, and reliability of trial results.
  • Support and corresponding resources for identifying risks in a Quality Risk Management Plan (IQRMP) and setting Quality Tolerance Limits (QTLs) and Key Risk Indicator thresholds, so that resources can focus on monitoring activities that provide the most value.
  • Assistance for ensuring that the rights, confidentiality, and safety of human subjects are protected; that trial data are accurate, complete, and verifiable; and that the study is compliant with the protocol, Good Clinical Practice (ICH/GCP), and all applicable regulatory requirements.
  • An efficient monitoring strategy that best aligns with any heightened or critical risks of a particular trial with the intent to prevent the realization of those risks; to ensure early detection of impactful issues; to control those risks to an acceptable level; and to correct all significant and critically impactful issues while the trial is ongoing.
  • Adequate information for those involved in monitoring to effectively carry out their monitoring duties, taking into account the objectives of monitoring when applying a risk-based strategy.

AQC Members can access the Risk-Based Monitoring Plan Template in the Knowledge Center here.

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