What new types of collaboration groups will be offered in 2022?

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During 2022, AQC will offer members the opportunity to participate in two new types of collaboration groups: Communities of Practice (CoP) and Metric Development Work Groups (MDWG). Members can participate in CoP groups that cover four areas:  Compliance/CAPA, Innovation Adoption (including AI/ML), Inspection Readiness/TMF, and QbD-RBQM-Quality Improvement (including centralized monitoring). Each Community of Practice – a virtual community of members who share ideas and practical approaches to address challenges unique to the community – will meet on a monthly or quarterly basis and share knowledge through case study presentations, expert panel discussions or fireside chats as well as open dialogue and whiteboard brainstorming sessions. CoPs will complement the work being done in AQC Leadership Advisory Board (LAB) groups. For example, the RBQM LAB group will work together to complete deliverables like updating the integrated risk management tool and the corresponding QbD-RBQM-QI CoP will provide members with an additional forum to have conversations / share insights about related topics such as QTLs vs KRIs, lessons learned about centralized monitoring during COVID, etc. Summaries of past MCC Community of Practice Meetings are available in the AQC knowledge center. 

Two Metrics Development Work Groups will continue to meet in 2022 to complete the development of the Centralized & Site Monitoring Process Metrics Toolkit and the Site Selection & Start-Up Process Metrics Toolkit. A new Work Group focusing on developing Patient Diversity metrics will launch on February 16th.

Consortium members are invited to log into the AQC Knowledge Center meeting calendar to register for meetings.